collage1Have you ever wondered what it is like to relax, play sport, socialise or just escape to your weekend hideaway and do it all without the inhibitions of clothing.

That’s what Tindo members do on a regular basis.

For most of their lives they are like you, busy at work, busy with families, busy doing household chores and maintenance, but, unlike you they have the opportunity to escape to their private hideaway in the Barossa and catch up with friends, enjoy the many facilities that are available at Tindo and unwind from the drudgery of everyday life to “recharge their batteries” ready for life’s next challenge, knowing that they can do it all again, maybe next weekend.

Just imagine waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning to the sounds of nature, strolling out of your shack or caravan with the warm sun welcoming you as you wander through the wooded paths to a solar heated pool for that refreshing morning swim, all in the nude and in total privacy from the “outside” world. After breakfast you may wish to challenge other members to a variety of sporting activities or take the children to play in the play areas or you may just want to relax and read the paper or close your eyes and dream. Whatever, the choice is yours. At Tindo there is no pressure to do anything, it is a way of life, although you would be amazed at the extent members go to in order to enjoy themselves.

As nudists, we consider it a normal way of life, providing a feeling of complete freedom without inhibitions and possibly the best way to qualify the concerns of those who have never experienced these feelings is to use the analogy “You cannot appreciate the view unless you have climbed the mountain”

And “climbing the mountain” is easy. Tindo welcomes new members and it is not a requirement to remove your clothes when you initially visit the club. We understand that you may feel self conscious, awkward or embarrassed, this is normal. However, we are continually amazed at how quickly visitors adapt to our relaxed life style and readily accept the philosophy of nudism and thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of being naked.

Tindo is a members only club, however Interstate and International club affiliated members are always welcome.