Visiting Tindo

Please remember we are a member owned club, not a public resort and have no paid staff. Administering visits is accomplished completely by volunteers so we appreciate your understanding if we can’t get back to you straight away.

In addition, we have an obligation to protect our members and their belongings so in order to visit Tindo, all adults (i.e. persons over the age of 18) must satisfy any one of the following criteria.

 Visitors must be;

  • – A current member of the International Naturist Federation, (or an affiliate such as the Australian Naturist Federation), OR
  • – A current member of an organisation (including clubs and resorts) that publicly promote similar goals, objectives and behavioural standards as the International Naturist Federation, or in the case of clubs and resorts, similar to Tindo Nudist Club, OR
  • – A holder of a bona-fide card personally issued by a member of Tindo Nudist Club, OR
  • – Sponsored by a current club member who you know personally and who will be at the club for the entire duration of your stay.

 If all adults do not meet any of these criteria, then a visit to Tindo is not possible, unless during on open day.

 How to arrange a visit

  1. 1. Confirm that you meet our visitor criteria. If you don’t, then stop. You cannot visit Tindo.
  2. 2. Send an email to detailing the following;
      1. 1.The number of adults.
      2. 2.How each adult meets the visitor criteria, NOTE. we may ask for evidence, so maybe provide some anyway.
      3. 3.The number of children.
      4. 4.The planned arrival time and date and the planned departure time and date.
      5. 5.A brief description of your accommodation (e.g. caravan, motor home, tent)
  3. 3.Wait for us to reply (remember, this most likely won’t be instantaneous).
  4. 4.We will confirm that a visit is possible and confirm the cost. We’ll provide details of how to pay.
  5. 5.You pay the confirmed amount.
  6. 6.We confirm payment is received and provide you with all the information you need to visit Tindo.