Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a scar, what will people think?
A. Nudists are not concerned with body flaws. A basic premise of nudism is body acceptance. No body is perfect and yet at the same time everybody is perfect.

Q. What if I get an erection?
A. Highly unlikely. Nudism is not sexual. But; if it does happen, there are things you can do, such as covering yourself with your towel or crossing your legs. Simply averting your gaze and concentrating on other things such as the sky, the grass or a tree will help.

Q. I have my period, what should I do?
A. We have seen different ways for ladies to manage this. Some elect to wear a sarong or bather bottoms, some use tampons and discreetly cut the string so it is barely visible. Experienced nudists find ways to cope and having a chat with other ladies will help to find other things that can be done.

Nudists are also very down to earth with respect to the human body and the way it functions. Nudists understand that bodies do things that are normal and are not shameful and will never ridicule or highlight any physiological function.

Q. What if I see somebody I know?
A. Say g’day. They’re in the same place as you so what’s the big deal?

Q. Where do I keep my mobile phone, keys and cash?
A. Most nudists use a light weight shoulder bag, or similar, to carry those few important things. Some clubs/resorts sell such bags for that very purpose.

Q. If I’m talking to a nude person where do I look?
A. In the eye, just the same as when you’re talking to anybody.

Q. I’m cold, what should I do?
A. Put something on. Nudists understand that there are occasions when it is necessary to be dressed. Cold weather or even full sun are two situations where it is perfectly OK to put something on. The beauty about being a nudist (as opposed to a textile) is that a textile must dress all the time where as a nudist only dresses when necessary.

Q. What is a textile?
A. A ‘textile’ is what nudists call non-nudists.

Q. I’ve heard of bum-towels. What are they?
A. Simply a bum-towel is a towel (usually) or another item (sometimes clothes are used), that a nudist sits on when using communal furniture. It is considered good nudist etiquette to use a bum-towel and you will be reminded if you forget.

Q. Is it nudist or naturist?
A. The simple answer is both words mean generally the same thing. Some people prefer the use of ‘naturist’ as they consider it less confronting than ‘nudist’. A Google search will explain some of the finer differences in their meanings.

Q. What about the sun and skin damage?
A. Long gone are the days when nudists lay for hours in the sun. Whilst some still do, most nudists are acutely aware of the damaging effects of the sun. Indeed, it is now common to see fair skin rather than tanned skin and the use of hats, sun-screen and shade is very prevalent.