collage3Accepting that most people have at some time in their life, had a yearning to take off their clothes and sunbathe, walk, run or swim in the nude, maybe whilst on holiday or in a remote location where they cannot be seen, how frustrating can it be when you can’t do this in your own back yard. You can at Tindo!

Nudism is an alternative natural lifestyle, a lifestyle that allows you to be yourself, allows you to relax in a natural environment without inhibitions or the restrictions of clothing. It enables you to fully enjoy the warmth of the sunshine, the feeling of a breeze surrounding your body and the total escapism from the pressures of your normal day to day life.

As for Nudism?

Nudists respect each other’s individuality. Our own self-esteem is enhanced through our ability to accept ourselves and others as we truly are without the status often created by clothing and fashion accessories. We find it easy to accept others regardless of body shape, size or condition. We respect each other’s anonymity and individuality. In other words, you are accepted for who you are not what you are.

Yes, we are aware of some of the thoughts regarding nudists, however we disregard these negative opinions as being without foundation and mostly generated by those who have not experienced the feeling of freedom that is appreciated and enjoyed in a nudist environment. We dismiss the comments of people who have prudish beliefs, often born out of ignorance, who choose to denigrate our way of life, with a simple smile and the contented knowledge of “who is enjoying themselves the most”.

Being a nudist doesn’t stop at being a member of a club such as Tindo. There is a whole community in Australia and throughout the entire world with nudist friendly resorts and venues for you to visit.

Nudism really can be a whole-of life choice.